Opal Graham

PhD Candidate
Pure Math
Florida State University

Office Hours
M 3:30-4:30; W 3:30-5:30
Other times by appt.

Fall 2019 Teaching
Calculus 1 (MAC2311)

Office: MCH 402-B
Mail: 208 Love Building
1017 Academic Way
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4510


Graduate Student Seminar

I run GSS with John Bergschneider and Michael Niemeier. The schedule for our current speakers this semester is below. GSS takes place Fridays 11:15-12:05 in LOV 101. If you would like to give a talk, please choose from one of the available dates and email me.

Over the summer, some of us graduate students ran an informal seminar where we presented our research and subjects we were learning. It was so successful, I wanted to run GSS this semester.

Name Date
John Bergschneider 9/13/19
Haibin Hang 9/20/19
Yi Zhou 9/27/19
FREE 10/4/19
FREE 10/11/19
Thanittha Kowan 10/18/19
Opal Graham 11/1/19
Shayea Aldossari 11/8/19
Mark Ingram 11/15/19
Anindya Chanda 11/22/19
Abdullah Malik 12/6/19


I enjoy making mathematical crochets of geometric objects.


I currently mainly use GeoGebra to create visuals for my research. It is highly intuitive and easy to begin using immediately.

Past GeoGebra Projects:

Current GeoGebra Projects: